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Casino Junker Club

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Source: Casino Junker Club, Alpharetta

Blackjack: History and origin of the game

The forerunner of the now known blackjack game was the game “Twenty-One”. This game has a to this day unknown origin. The first written mention comes from a book by Miguel de Cervantes, the author of Don Quixote, and himself a well-known gambler. The main characters of his story “Rinconete y Cortadillo“, “Novelas ejemplares“, are a pair of villains from Seville. These two are professional fraudsters in the game “veintiuna” (Spanish for twenty-one). The goal of this game is to reach the number 21 without exceeding it and Cervantes wrote in his story that the ace has a value of 1 or 11. The game is played with the Spanish Baraja, without the ten-card, so it resembles the now-known game Spanish 21. This short story of Cervantes was written between 1601 and 1602 so we can be sure that the game was played in Castile since the beginning of the 17th century or even earlier.

Blackjack appeared for the first time in French casinos around the year 1700, where it comes from the old French card games “Chemin de Fer” and “French Ferme”. In France, blackjack is called “Vingt-et-Un“, which means twenty-one.

When game 21 came to America after the French Revolution, it was not very popular. Therefore, the domestic gambling banks tried to integrate different bonuses into the game in order to get more players to the tables. Such a bonus was a 10-to-1 payout when the player got the card combination of ace of ace with a blackjack (either a crossbow or a spade jack). This hand was called “Blackjack” and slowly became the name of the game itself, although the special bonus was soon abolished. In the modern version of the game, a “natural” or “blackjack” is simply an ace plus a ten-card.

Blackjack became very popular around 1800 in the US and is still the most popular casino table game in the world.

Glossary – Blackjack for newcomers

If you play casinos, especially in real casinos, you probably have some technical terms that only exist there. Even if you are mainly playing online, you may have read books or articles that contain these terms, and perhaps you did not quite understand them at that time. But no worry! Here are some explanations of the most important blackjack terms:

Blackjack: A ten and an ace on the first two cards result 21 – called blackjack. Blackjack usually pays 3-to-2, unless the dealer has also caught a blackjack.

Bust / Bust: Pass the total number 21. A bust means an automatic loss. Also refers to a complete loss of the bankroll. “I gambled three hours and then I got a bust, then I had to stop playing.”

Break: Similar to a bust

Counting / Card Counting: Keep an eye on the ten-point cards in a deck to increase the bet when the deck has more ten-point cards. Thus the player can achieve a small betting advantage.

Double / Double: Add an additional bet to your original bet. The player who enters this bet receives an additional card to improve his hand.

Double for Less: If a player does not have enough money to double, he can double for less. This means that he can only bet half of the bet amount and still receive another card.

Five Card Charlie: If a player has got five cards without busting. In normal blackjack, this is nothing special. There are, however, blackjack versions in which the player wins immediately with a Five Card Charlie.

Hardhand : A hand that you bust (bust) when you get it. Basically this is any hand with a score of 12 or higher, without an ace.

Insurance / Insurance: If the dealer has an ace, you can make a side bet if the dealer is going to catch blackjack. If the dealer then gets blackjack, the player loses nothing (he also wins nothing with an insurance bet). If the dealer does not get blackjack, however, the player loses half his bet and the game continues. Important tip: Mathematically, the insurance bet is beneficial for the dealer. Therefore NEVER enter this bet!

Soft hand: A hand, with which you can not bust (bust) with any further card. Each hand with a total number of 11 or lower, or each two card combination, with one of the cards being an ace.

Spanish 21: A blackjack variation with no ten cards. In general, this game version is not a good choice for the player, because the house advantage is here higher than the normal blackjack.

Wonging: Watch a blackjack game without playing yourself and then join the game if the score is beneficial to the player. This game strategy has been named after the professional blackjack player Stanford Wong.

Twenty-one facts about blackjack

In this article, we present you 21 facts about the most popular casino card game in the world. Have fun…

1. Blackjack is based on the French game vingt-et-un (twenty one), which does not offer 3: 2 odds for a blackjack. The name Blackjack comes from a promotion in which the players could win 10: 1, If they have got the ace of spades and a blackjack.

2. The insurance bet has a very high house advantage – much higher than the blackjack game itself.

3. Blackjack is also played as a tournament game called Elimination Blackjack.

4. There is a Blackjack Hall of Fame at the Barona Casino in San Diego, California, which was launched in 2002. Seven players were added to the Hall of Fame in 2002 and an additional player is recorded each year.

5. Card counting in casinos is legal, but some casinos can take measures against card counters. In Atlantic City, it is not legally permissible for the casinos to discard card counters, but the dealer is authorized to demand a normal bet from a supposed card counter.

6. Dr. Edward O. Thorp, author of the book “Beat the Dealer, is considered the father of card counting.” However, there is much earlier than the book was published in 1962, records of card counters

7. “Bringing Down the House: The Inside Story of Six” is a book about a group of students from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology who have developed a card-counting system with them in Las Vegas Have won so much until the casinos have forbidden them to enter. The film to the book is called “21”.

8. Busting Vegas is a sequel to Bringing Down the House and describes the details of the adventures of another group of MIT students who have used a different card counting method to beat the Vegas casinos.

9. “The Last Casino” is a Canadian film about a professor who has heavy debt but has been excluded from all local casinos. He teaches three students to count their cards in blackjack so they can save him from a menacing bookmaker.

10. A player’s turn affects the odds of the other players less than the randomness of the cards.

11. The position of a player at the table does not influence his chances of winning in any way, unless the player counts cards. If the player scores cards, the rule is: the more cards the player sees before he makes his move, the better.

12. The deck of several decks in a land-based casino is called a shoe, but it is not a good idea to try this shoe.

13. If you are handling your cards at a land-based casino and are removed from the dealer’s view, you will be immediately seen as a deceiver.

14. In most land-based game banks, the dealer will tell you exactly which train is the best (based on the Basic Strategy) if you do not know exactly what to do.

15. In Las Vegas there is a book with all the names of the players who have tried to cheat or to count cards. Most casinos will not allow these players to enter.

16. Doubling Down means a doubling of the bet, not the cards. If you get “double downed” you get only one extra card.

17. Some beginners confuse the split with the double down, because the split brings twice as many hands and doubles the bet.

18. There was the “Surrender” move, which meant that you lost half the stake and then get half of it if the dealer had a higher card than the Ace. This train has the same profit chance as the insurance and is therefore a bad train. The Surrender is now with most casinos already no longer.

19. Blackjack is so popular that students have developed a program in which they can play blackjack on their pocket calculator, although no bets have been made.

20. The house advantage in blackjack determines that you would lose in the long run even if you get an 18 with each hand.

21. European casinos count an ace as a one if you choose the double down train and have an ace as a hole card.

The top 10 blackjack sins you should avoid

Unfortunately, irritable dealers and gamblers can spoil the gaming experience – especially if they violate the basic table etiquette. To ensure that you (and everyone else) have fun on your next trip to the Blackjack tables, Casinoschule.com has listed for you the ten most infamous blackjack sins in this article:

10. Touching your chips after the cards are dispensed

This is a big taboo. Even if it looks like your chip stack is about to fall, and you just try to stabilize the chips. It looks like you are trying to either increase your bet (if you have good cards), or you will lower your bet (if your cards are bad). However, it gives the impression that you are trying to cheat the casino. Therefore, avoid touching your chips easily after the cards have been dispensed.

9. Do not use hand signals

In a noisy casino, the dealer can not always hear what you want to do. Besides, the eye must be in the sky (yes, there are video cameras about you recording it all) to be able to clearly film your intentions. Therefore, you should use hand signals at the table to signal your intention. Scratch the felt (slightly) by pulling your finger in your direction if you want to have another card. Wrap your hand parallel to the table and over your cards if you do not want another card. And if you want to double or split, just push your new bet next to your original bet.

8. Buying insurance

This is the first of two Casinoschule.com tips that has nothing to do with etiquette. Buying an insurance (insurance) is always offered by the dealer when he shows an ace. As a rule, this is bad for you, so we would advise against this.

7. Never tell another player how to play

There are not many things that are more annoying than a player tells the others how they should play blackjack. Unless you are specifically encouraged, you should not give advice to other players. It slows down the game. It frustrates the player who tries to make his own decision. It sucks. And you never want to be the person that everyone else talks about after they leave the table.

6. Never drink at the blackjack table

The order of alcoholic beverages, during the game (and not between the games) is already bad enough. But drunkenness at the table is much worse. Nice or bad mood, drunkards are not good blackjack players. They slow down the game, talk nonsense with other players, and make bad mood at the table. Do not be that person.

5. Do not touch your cards

At most blackjack tables, players are not allowed to handle the cards. Therefore you should avoid this. Do not try to push the cards straight. Just do not touch the cards. If you do, it is assumed that you are trying to cheat the casino. And casinos do not like that at all.

4. Learn the basic strategy of the game

Yes, this is not an etiquette tip. But it is still very important. A basic strategy is a good blackjack strategy. Therefore you should use them. They either learn the basic rules and the basic strategy of the game during the flight / ride to the casino, or buy a strategy card in the gift shop of the casino (some casinos even use this card at the table). However, with a basic strategy, you can reduce the house advantage in blackjack to less than 1%. Besides, it is not fun to see people play, who have no idea of ​​the game. So do your fellow players and yourself a favor and use a basic strategy.

3. Do not blame the other players

Do not blame any of your fellow players for making a bad decision when you get a bad card. This is not the way blackjack works. First, the results, whether good or bad, are hushed up over time, regardless of which decisions were made. Secondly, the decisions of the other players do not affect your chances of winning. Chances are the same, regardless of how another person plays their cards. The next time a player near you draws a card and you feel that it should have been your card, take a deep breath, relax and be reassured. You can draw a card that is perfect for you, or not. But your fellow players have no influence on it.

2. The abuse of other players

Even worse than blaming a bad hand to push another player, is the abuse of other players. Yes, that happens. Yes, it’s ridiculous. And yes, it is not great if you do not draw the winner card because of another fellow player. But that’s no reason to bluff other players like Phil Hellmuth. These things often happen during blackjack. So take a deep breath and enjoy the thrill of the game.

1. Ignoring the dealer

Believe it or not, the dealer is there for you to have fun and make sure that you do not violate the rules. Therefore, you should focus on what the dealer does and says. If the dealer pauses after your decision, it may be that his way is to discourage you from making this decision. Then you should ask what the basic strategy recommends (almost every dealer knows it by heart) to collect some more information before you make your decision. If you have a winning streak, you can give the dealer a tip. He / she will probably appreciate this and help you when it comes to serious decisions. When you talk to the dealer at the table, you will see that the game moves faster and is much more fun. Dealers who enjoy the work will often help you with the more complex decisions of the game. To summarize: If you treat the dealer well, good things will happen …

How to reduce the profit opportunities of the casino in blackjack

Blackjack has a long history as one of the world’s most popular casino games. While the simplicity of the game explains its popularity in part, the main reason for the popularity of blackjack over the centuries is the relatively low casino profit advantage compared to the player.

In a world where most casino games have terrific high house odds, Black Jack is a game in which a player who can only use the simplest strategy can reduce an important part of the house’s advantage.

This Casinoschule.com article will introduce you to the basic strategies so that you can easily reduce the casino profit chances in blackjack.

Before you become a Blackjack High Roller, you first need to know a few basic facts about the standard Black Jack House advantage in most casinos. Of course, it all depends on how you play, but we’ll get to that later. If you were just sitting at a blackjack table and playing thoughtlessly, the blackjack house advantage would be a little over 5%. This is obviously much higher than we would have liked. The good news is that you can quite easily reduce this house advantage by applying a few simple strategies and choosing a casino with beneficial blackjack rules.

The important information you need to know before you start playing is how many card decks are being used and whether the dealer has to distribute the cards on a Soft 17. Most online and land based casinos use as standard six card decks. But remember: most is not all, and you can find a single or double deck game among the online casinos if you look around a bit.

The basic rule is that the lower the number of card decks, the lower the blackjack house advantage. It is also easier for you to count the cards when fewer card decks are used. You also need to know the rules about the Soft and Hard-17s before you sit down at a table. (Quick reminder about the blackjack rules: Soft 17 is an Ace and a 6.) Do not sit down at a table where the dealer is obliged to hand over another card to a Soft 17 (Hit). With this simple rule, a casino can increase the house advantage by 0.3%. All is important when it comes to winning blackjack.

The last and most controversial strategy on how to reduce the casinos’ profit chances is to count cards. Blackjack card counting systems operate in which numerical values ​​are given for each card that the player keeps in his head. This tactic has proven itself empirically, but very few people have the mathematics abilities to really put into practice on the ground. Most people remember some basic rules when you should share, take a card, or stand, and that is enough. The numbers really show a difference between pure gamblers and those who only use a basic strategy. Keep in mind that the casino automatically has an advantage of just over 5% in blackjack if you are only playing on the basis of luck. If you play with a good strategy most of the time (even if you make a few minor mistakes), you can reduce the house advantage to 1-2%. You will not find a game with better odds in the casino lobby. Blackjack is really the only game in which a little practice and caution can bring real gains.

Emotions in the Blackjack

Blackjack has long been considered one of the most popular casinos ever. It is a fairly simple game, and yet good players can earn more than players who do not know the game. Your profit chances improve, the better your strategy is.

Here are our casinoschule.com Blackjack Strategies that may help you to keep your emotions in motion:

1. As any stock market shark can tell you, it is very important to control emotions. Of course, this is easier in theory than in practice, but try to avoid a higher risk as far as possible. More importantly, if you lose, you must not try to win back your losses again.

2. Similar to point 1, you should not play when you are under stress. Stress at the table and a negative attitude, could influence their decisions, so they should only play when you are in a positive mood.

3. Have realistic goals. Each time the bets are doubled if you lose, is a bad strategy, which simply does not work in reality and by which many players have lost a lot of losses. But if you are afraid to lose more money and play too carefully, you could not make a split or double down if it is necessary. These emotions mean that you are not playing the optimal backjack strategy and negatively affect the outcome of the game.

Play for fun and finish your game as soon as it is no longer fun. Do something different: sports, television, etc. The next day you can log in again, if you can control your emotions – this will only improve your chances of winning …

The MIT Blackjack Team

Blackjack teams are a group of professional blackjack players who develop together advanced game techniques. In general, this means that for each bet of $ 100 the players can expect a payout or profit of over $ 100. In the longer term, this method can prove very successful and profitable. The most commonly used techniques or methods are card counting, accurate mapping mapping and so-called “hole carding“. In the case of card counting, an attempt is made to find out whether and how the cards with the highest or lowest values ​​are distributed in the “shoe”. The observation of the map mixing deals with the possible position of aces or slugs of maps after they have been mixed. The “hole carding” is nothing more than a legitimate option to look at the card’s hole card.

The MIT Blackjack team was not the first Blackjack team to operate in land based casinos. The fact is that the MIT team had taken up the experience of previous teams. What made the MIT team so famous was that it existed and operated for over 12 years. One of the founders of the MIT team was JP Massar. In January 1979, he took part in a mini-course on “How to Gamble if You Must” at MIT. One of the course contents included the art of card counting at Blackjack. For over a year, he was looking for the best MIT students for his teams, and was playing with them at various casinos in Atlantic City, NJ to try out the learned theory in practice. Unfortunately, this venture was not very successful.

In May 1980, Massar had the opportunity to meet Bill Kaplan at a restaurant in Cambridge, MA. Kaplan had already successfully worked with Blackjack teams in Las Vegas for three years. His team members, however, were always tired of playing in one place or casino and the team broke up for this reason. Massar asked Kaplan to accompany him to Atlantic City and watch his team play at the casino and find out what the team members were doing wrong. The most serious problem, as was later, was the different techniques of team members in card counting.

Kaplan went on the proposal to put together a new team under certain conditions. The team would have a formal management procedure, a convincing card counting and deployment system, strict training criteria, player selection process and a 100% accurate record of all Casinobesuche and games. The MIT Blackjack team started on August 1, 1980 with his work. The initial investment was $ 89,000 and the team consisted of ten players, including Kaplan and Massar. In ten weeks, the MIT team managed to double its bankroll. The players earned an average of $ 80 per hour and the investors got a 250% profit calculated on the year.

As a basis for his system, Kaplan uses that of Al Francesco, the founder and developer of the concept of Blackjack teams. Ken Uston, a member of Al Francesco’s team, was the first to write and publish a book about blackjack teams. In 1982, John Chang joined the MIT Blackjack team and became the co-manager and the most famous player in the team. Francesco and Uston were among the first to reach the Blackjack Hall of Fame in 2002. Chang was recorded in 2007.

Kaplan had to retire as an active member of the MIT Blackjack team in 1984, since he was increasingly recognized and “chased” by the Casinopersonal. The MIT team, now with 70 members in 1989, continued to play joyfully. Then the team began to lose interest. Kaplan joined the team at this time and, together with Massar and Chang, he managed the restructuring and renaming of the team in “Strategic Investments”.

The Strategic Investments team operated at various casinos in the USA and Canada between the middle of 1992 and December 1998. The casinos, however, were on guard and forbade team members entering and playing in their casinos. The constant recruitment of new players for the team became more and more a problem, and the team management was no longer paying off. For this reason, the Strategic Investments team, the successor to the famous MIT Blackjack team, dissolved on 31 December 1998.

What are the differences between online slots and slot machines?

Onlinecasino slots is identical to coin players
The first thing you should know about playing online slots is that the gameplay and gameplay are identical to those of slot machines; Although of course it can also be different, especially in some online casinos. For example, if you are playing Craps Online, you will probably miss the atmosphere that you can experience in a real casino environment. Of course, online craps is a great game, but just pushing the “dice” button is just not the same as keeping the craps dice in your hand and then throwing you onto the craps table.

The casino slot games are however a bit different. You will not miss anything when playing online slots; The machines, the sequence, the principle is not at all different from the coin-playing machines. For both types of slots, there is a computer-controlled random number generator activated by clicking on the “Spin” button. The times of the “one-armed bandit” with mechanical rollers set in motion by the pulling down of the lever are long gone.

There is a larger selection and variations of online slots
The number of available slot machines in land-based casinos is, for example, limited by the size of the floor space. Even if the casino should be quite large, the laws of physics apply here too – only a limited number of game machines fit into the available space. It can also happen that your most popular slot is not available at this casino, or a queue has already been formed.

Online casinos exist however in the “Cyberspace“, which knows no borders. The All Slots Casino, for example, already has more than 200 different online slots to choose from, and every month more variants are added. Each online slot can be played by an unlimited number of players at the same time. So if you are an enthusiastic fan of the Thunderstruck Online Slots, it does not matter at all if a million players are playing this slot at the same time. There is always room in the “Cyberspace”, so you can play directly on this slot without having your legs in the belly while you wait.

Switching from one online slot game to another is easy
Imagine, you do not want to have fun with Thunderstruck, and you want to try the Dolphin Tales Slot instead of this slot.
For a country-based casino, you must first exchange the winnings of the Thunderstruck slot, carry a bucket full of coins through the entire casino, and then use these coins again to feed the Dolphin Tales Slot.

When playing online slots, changing the game machines is child’s play – just two mouse clicks away. One click to leave Thunderstruck and the next click to log in to DolphinTales. Simple, easy and without stress.

You can play for free online slots
Another advantage of online slots is that you can also play these for free. This is especially useful if you have never played this slot before, and want to try it out. Playing a free slot gives you the opportunity to get acquainted with winning combinations, symbols, paylines and bonuses. You will also find out if you really get the entertainment at this slot you were looking for. With a country-based casino you have no option.

Join the progressive jackpot network
If you play online slots at casinos with Microgaming software, including All Slots Casino , you are part of the progressive jackpot network. This means that you can play progressive online slots, such as Major Millions and King Cashalot,
Where the networked progressive jackpot can have a value of hundreds of thousands or even millions of pounds, dollars or euros. This is a special bonuses feature available only at the online casinos operated by the Microgaming software.

The last point is indeed the most obvious, but still worth mentioning. Wherever you have a computer with internet connection, you can play from home, in your office or in a hotel room. There is no need to travel to a special place, or wear special clothing – which is the case with most land-based casinos.

Wherever you are and have a bit of freedom, you can play online slots. Have a 15 minute cigarette break; no problem! You can use this available time to get the time and to win in the onlinecasino. The comfortable options and payouts make this a children’s game.

Play online slots wherever and whenever you want – nothing is easier and more convenient.

Online slots are simply the better way
Play online slots wherever and whenever you want. You need neither a trip, nor a hotel to book, and there are no clothes regulations. Simply select the game machine of your choice without getting bored in a queue. Simply switch to another slot without having to cross the entire casino. These were just some of the advantages offered by an online casino against a land-based casino.

It is fun to play the good old coin-operated machines in a real real casino. Online Slots, on the other hand, offer even more action, choice, fun and a great player experience; Definitely the path that is worthwhile.

We recommend Slot fans especially the All Slots Casino.

Game machines tournaments

Have you ever wondered how a gambling tournament works?

A gambling tournament is pure excitement and allows you to play against other players for prizes. The best slot machine tournaments are available at All Slots Casino .

A game machine tournament works just like a normal game at a game machine. The only difference is that you get a fixed number of coins at the beginning of the tournament and have to miss them in a certain period of time.

At the end of the slot machine tournament, the player who has collected the highest amount wins and his player account is credited with the money won.

To participate in a gambling tournament, you must register with All Slots Casino and complete the following steps:

1. Click Tournaments
2. Select scheduled or Sit & Go Tournaments
3. Look for a tournament and have fun!

Planned and Sit & Go Tournaments
Planned game machines tournaments start at a certain time. In the casino software, you can see exactly when a certain casino tournament will start.

Sit & Go tournaments are open to all players, and are unique because you only need five players to start the tournament on some Sit & Gos. The idea behind this is that these tournaments take place at any time and start as soon as the minimum number of participants is reached. If you are the only missing player that needs to be reached to complete the minimum number of players, the slot machine tournament starts immediately after logging in.

If you have to wait for more players, you can now play at other Casinospielen. The online casino will automatically tell you when the casino tournament begins.

Sit & Go tournaments usually start 30 seconds after the last player’s registration, so if you are not in front of your computer, you can miss a part of the tournament.

Cash prizes are the most common prizes at a slot machine tournament. Some tournaments have only one winner and others up to 100.

Other prizes are bonuses, a great trip or much more. These gifts are not automatically given, but the winners will be notified by the casino after the tournament.

There are many great slot machine tournaments at All Slots Casino

Sign up now at All Slots Casino and receive up to £ 5,000 free.

Read our All Slots casino review

Or visit our Game Machines page for a complete list of the best slot machine casinos.

Game machines Game rules

Although the gameplay of a game machine is fairly simple, it is not easy for beginners to find a detailed description of the rules and the gameplay. We have been playing games for a very long time on different internet machines and have gained a lot of experience during this time. We hope this Casinoschule.com article will answer all your questions about the game machines game rules.

Rollers and paylines

The rollers are the most important part of a game machine. Basically, the roller is a wheel on which symbols have been drawn. When you press the “Spin / Rotate” button, the rollers rotate and hold at a certain position.

The symbols on a game machine can generally be anything and usually determine the theme of the game machine. Dolphin Tale, for example, has an underwater theme, with symbols such as dolphins, fish, crabs and octopuses. Known symbols on many game machines are playing cards, the number 7 and the “bar” symbol.

A winning line is a line that runs across the reels. A winning line can be horizontal, diagonal, or zigzag. If you bet on a certain profit line, you have this “activated”. You win at a slot machine when the winning symbol combination appears on the profit line you activate.

Classic game machines, video game machines and fruit machines

The two most important types of online game machines are classic game machines and video game machines . There are also so-called fruit machines , which are a specific variant of the classic game machines.
Classic game machines, also known as reel or reel machines, are three-reel-type game machines. These game machines have a curve-shaped, 3D design on your screen, just like the original in a land-based casino. These game machines can have 1.3 or 5 paylines.

Video game machines are 5-reel game machines. These have a flat design on your screen. These game machines have at least 5 paylines and most have much more. The Cashapillar Video Slot Machine has 100 paylines!

Fruit Machines are classic game machines from England with three rollers. Online Fruit Machines have special “hold” (hold) and “nudge” (stupid) features and often even special bonus rounds.

Online gambling machines

Before you can start playing, you have to make three decisions: the amount of coins you want to bet, the number of coins you want to bet, and the number of lines you want to bet. You can select the amount of coins by clicking on the plus or minus symbol. Select the number of coins per payline by clicking on the “Choose Coins” button and select the number of winning lines you want to activate by clicking on the “Choose Wins” button.

For example, if you select the $ 0.25 coin and bet 5 coins, you will bet $ 1.25 (5 x 0.25) on each enabled profit line. If you activate 3 paylines, your total payout is $ 3.75 for each spin.

How to win at online gambling machines

You win at online slot machines when a winning combination of symbols land on one of the winning lines you have previously activated. If you have multiple profit lines activated, you can win on more than one profit line and lose it in other, not activated.

All online gambling machines have a payout plan which shows you which symbols, in which combination, how many coins pays. This payout plan is easily accessible and you can retrieve it at any time. You do not need to memorize the payout plan or do anything to get your winnings. The slot machine will calculate everything and automatically credit your winnings to your casino account.

Scatter symbols, wild symbols, and multipliers

Scatter symbols are only available with the video game machines. Not like all other symbols, scatter symbols do not have to appear on an activated payline so you win. They can occur anywhere on the five reels “scattered” (in English).

At the Ladies Night, for example, the waiter is a scatter symbol. When two waiters appear somewhere on the five reels, you win twice your total pay. If more than two waiters appear, you can win even more, up to 500 times your bet when five waiters are on the screen.

There are Wild Symbols for classic and video game machines. A wild symbol can exchange any other missing symbol for a winning combination to be achieved. In many game machines, the wild symbol also serves as a so-called multiplier. This means that the payout for a winning combination that includes a wild symbol is multiplied by 2.3, or several times.

In the Atlantis game machine, for example, the treasure chest is a wild symbol and a multiplier. If a treasure chest appears as a wild symbol to create a winning combination, the payout is doubled. If two treasure chests appear to create the winning combination, the payout to you is quadrupled.

Free Spins (Free Spins), Gambles, and other bonus features

Many online game machines have a free spins function (free spins). For example, in the Flying Circus game machine, players get 25 free spins when 3 clown symbols appear. If you catch 3 clown symbols in the free spin, you get another 25 free spins! In this game machine, the payouts are doubled when you are won at the free spin. There are game machines, where the payouts for free spin winnings can be three or even six times higher.

Another popular bonus feature is the Gamble. After a win, you can often try to double your profit or even quadruple it by guessing the color of a game card. If you guess wrong, you naturally lose your profit. That is why this function is called “gamble” (in English).

There are many other bonus features at the various online gaming machines. You can win up to 32,250 coins at the Schatztruhe bonus game in Age of Discovery. At the slot machines Bars and Stripes, you can win up to 47,500 coins through the “bon bon game”.

There are many other online gaming machines with their own features. Just try the games yourself to get to know these exciting bonuses. We wish you a lot of fun.